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Adventure has no Age Limit

Hey there! We’re Nigel and Sue and these are our Adventures.

We’ve been travelling Australia (and the world) together since 2013. Our favourite way to travel is by Road Trip. Our mission is to inspire you to get out and explore your world, and we aim to do this through our stories, images and adventure travel films.

Here you will find Road Trip travel guides to the destinations we visit, and not just the tourist hot-spots, but also the off the beaten track, hidden gems.

If you’re interested in Vanlife we have many resources to help you get started, including a full list of all the products we used in our DIY van build for our 4×4 Sprinter van conversion. You’ll also find lots of Vanlife tips to help you make the transition to living in a van.

We love hiking, mountain biking, kitesurfing and all sorts of adventure activities. Our motto is “Adventure has no Age Limit” and we want to prove that anyone can get outside, into nature and enjoy adventures. We just might be a bit slower than the young ones!

Find out more about our journey here:

Featured Destination – Northern Territory

From the stunning Red Centre to the rugged landscapes and rich culture of the Top End, the NT has something for everyone.

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Nigel and Sue Adventures Travel Films

As we travel Australia, we are documenting our journey with weekly Adventure Travel Films. These films feature the destinations we visit and our adventures. We don’t just visit the tourist hotspots, we love getting off-the-beaten track and finding hidden gems.

If you’re looking for travel guides, campsite reviews, trail guides and gear tips, along with a healthy dose of fun and frivolity, make sure you come over and subscribe to our channel

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