We are passionate about outdoor adventures and we believe that Adventure has No Age Limit. Through our stories, images and films, we hope to inspire you to get outside and live your own adventures. You don’t have to scale a mountain peak or ride down black runs, it could just be exploring a local bush walk.

Nigel has a saying: “It’s better to wear out than to rust out”. As we age, we try to live by this motto. We can’t do everything we used to be able to do when we were in our 20s, and we are certainly slow. However, while we still can, we want to explore as much of the world as possible. And of course, we want to have adventures along the way.

The technical part of the Mt Bruce summit climb, Karijini National Park, WA

If you’re planning an adventure, check these pages, and our Destinations guides. We just may have visited the area that you’re hoping to visit. We’ve spent two years (so far) on a lap of Australia, and we are only just half way around. (Our first year, 2021, was spent almost exclusively in Queensland, thanks to border restrictions).

Australia is just the beginning! There is so much more of the world we still need to see. Make sure you sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our travel plans, as we adventure around the world…