Why we love Hiking

One of our favourite ways to enjoy nature is by hiking. Not only is it often the only way to get to some of the most amazing locations, a good hike has the added bonus of being great exercise.

We believe in the incredible healing that is offered in nature, both mind and body, and soul healing. Being away from the distractions of day-to-day life, with no cell-phone coverage, and only the sounds of birds chirping or water running over rocks. Hiking is not just about reaching a mountain peak or hidden waterfall, it’s also about taking your time on the trail, and noticing the small things, a budding wildflower, a tiny lizard swishing his tail, or the majestic shapes of a rock face.

In the past, both Nigel and I have enjoyed hiking and trekking on multi-day adventures in Nepal, Vietnam and South America. While we’ve been travelling through Australia, we have undertaken as many day hikes as we can in the various national parks that we visit.

In these pages you’ll find trail guides for the hikes we have done, and also some hiking tips and gear guides to make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

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edith falls, Nitmiluk national park
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Where to next?

We have so many plans to hike our way around the world over the next couple of decades. Well, until our bodies tell us otherwise! If you have any suggestions for hikes in Australia (or overseas) that we should do, we’d love to hear them.